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So much is going on at the moment regarding research and I am involved in an audit of the perceived effects of complementary therapies in the local hospital.This has now been published in Reflexions the journal of the AoR. Suffice to say more and more people are experiencing the benefits of complementary therapies to supplement ongoing medical healthcare

Some interesting research information can be found at http://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/explore-healing-practices/reflexology/what-does-research-say-about-refloxology

Information is available from me regarding

a) summary of experience

b) research work at the Princess of Wales Bridgend relating to the complementary therapy service

Reviews of my treatments are also available by following this link


here are some examples:

Denise's introductory session to reflexology was more than I could have expected. Her calm and professional persona relaxed me from the outset, particularly in the beautiful settings of her treatment area. Her passion for the art is clear, and her willingness to explain the treatment adds a learning dimension to the normal relaxation sessions. I felt wonderful afterwards; so positive and assured that I shall definitely be returning.  Gayle Wootton

I have been having reflexology and reiki with Denise since February and it has made a big difference to me. The relaxing atmosphere and Denise's calm manner helps me to totally relax (which is near on impossible for me). There is no pressure to book more seesions than you feel you need but it makes me feel so good that I can't wait until the next time... Thank you. Andrea Thomas

I am a long term client of Denise's and genuinely would not consider using anyone else. The passion and belief that Denise has in her work is evident in the quality of the treatment. It is relaxing, healing and beneficial. For me it works on an emotional and physical level and I intend to continue with regular treatments Sue Burton

Excellent reflexologist and very easy to be around. Really calm atmosphere, it really made a difference to me. Thank you. Beth Ryan